COVID-19 Vaccine Lottery

New Mexico has introduced a COVID-19 vaccine lottery to encourage residents to get their shots. In New Mexico, the Vax-2-The-Max program will also be giving away free park passes, travel vouchers, staycations, museum passes, and other prizes. Those who are interested must opt-in to win.

The state has announced they will conduct five regional lotteries where one winner from each region will be selected to win $250,000. The regional drawings will occur for five weeks, beginning on June 18.

After the regional drawings are completed, there will be one statewide drawing where one winner will be awarded the $5 million grand prize.

How to Win?

  • Sign up for your shots at
  • OPT IN to the sweepstakes at
    • If you have already received your vaccine, you just need to opt-in at the link above.

When are the drawings going to take place?

The state has announced the following dates for each of the drawings:

  • Friday, June 18
  • Friday, July 3
  • Friday, July 17
  • Friday, July 30
  • GRAND PRIZE: Saturday, August 7

To be considered, those in the state must “opt-in” by 6 PM the Thursday or Friday before the drawing is scheduled.

And that’s not all! New Mexicans receiving shots at vaccine sites across the state will be eligible for staycations, state parks and museum passes — and more!

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