The role of Community Health Workers (CHWs) at ILRC is to promote health within the community by assisting individuals to adopt healthy behaviors through education and awareness activities. They serve as advocates for the health needs of individuals by assisting them in effectively communicating with healthcare providers. They can act as liaisons or advocates and implement programs that promote, maintain, and improve individual and overall community health.

Their overall goals are to assist individuals adopt and maintain skills needed to manage their health, and to overcome barriers encountered in the health care system.

CHWs are here to support the ILRC community!

  • Apply for Medicaid, SNAP and other assistance programs
  • Locate community resources
  • Schedule appointments for COVID-19 vaccination and flu shots
  • Provide information on diagnostic health screenings
  • Provide information and referral to health services
  • Provide guidance and assistance to reach your health goals
  • Assist with health education and awareness

Health Self-Assessment

This health self-assessment is designed for you to think about and assess your health or lifestyle habits, goals, and needs outside of a medical setting so that ILRC may support you and offer additional resources or services as appropriate. It is completely voluntary, and you are not required to answer all the questions. 

You may fill it out and return it to our Community Health Workers (CHWs), or you may fill it out and keep it to use it as a tool for you to identify areas that you would like to request additional resources or services. A paper version and alternate formats are available upon request.