Personal attendant services are critical to ensure that people with disabilities have the same choices as everyone else.

ILRC supports our consumers’ control over their own lives by providing assistance in accessing personal attendant services. Personal attendant services provide an essential support system allowing consumers to live in the environment of their choice and participate fully in their communities. This includes:

  • Receiving the services you need in the way you choose;

  • Being able to have a career and family;

  • Participating in community activities and recreational experiences;

  • Being able to live the lifestyle you choose;

  • Having the rights, privacy, and responsibilities of an adult; and

  • Maintaining your human dignity and personal autonomy

Personal Attendant Services include:

Assistance with daily living activities such as dressing, personal hygiene, housework, meal preparation, transfers, mobility, shopping and transportation. In addition, PAS may also include physical assistance in personal, social, and life skills activities.

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