Protect Yourself this Season – Add a COVID vaccine to your holiday prep

Vaccinate Before the Holidays

Thanksgiving is just a few days away. Make sure you are protected before you gather for the holidays and get your updated Omicron booster today. If it’s been more than two months since your primary vaccine series or last dose, and you’re 5 years old or older, you are eligible for your updated COVID vaccine.

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Find COVID-19 guidance for your community,

Your COVID-19 Toolkit

Find COVID-19 guidance for your community at The toolkit has resources for testing, vaccines, masks, treatment, long COVID, and more.

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New HHS Report COVID-19 Vaccines and the Prevention of Hospitalizations and Deaths Among Medicare beneficiaries in 2021: 650,000+ fewer COVID-19 hospitalizations; 300,000+ fewer COVID-19 deaths; 39-47% decline in severe COVID-19 outcomes

COVID Vaccines Linked to Fewer Hospitalizations

A new report from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) details how in 2021 COVID-19 vaccines have saved the lives of 300,000 senior citizens on Medicare, helped more than 650,000 avoid hospital visits, and led to a 39-47% decline in severe COVID-19 outcomes.

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Understanding Your COVID-19 Exposure Risk

Understanding COVID-19 Exposure Risks

Learning about how COVID-19 spreads and the factors that can increase or decrease that risk can help you make informed choices. If you were around a person with COVID-19, consider where you were, how long you were there, how close you were, and if anyone was masked, to help determine the likelihood that you were infected.

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Order Free At-Home COVID Tests: Project ACT

Get Free At-Home COVID from Project ACT

Project ACT (Access COVID Tests) is offering free, rapid, at-home COVID-19 test kits to residents of eligible communities while supplies last. The program is available in New Mexico and 8 other states around the U.S.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Update! Who should get an updated booster? Everyone ages 12 and over.

Updated COVID-19 Boosters Available

Individuals aged 12 years and older who completed a COVID-19 vaccine primary series or received a booster dose at least 2 months ago can now receive an updated COVID-19 booster dose.

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