New NM DOH Helpline

This post is an excerpt from NMDOH’s news release published December 11, 2023, DOH unveils comprehensive helpline to streamline public inquiries and make healthcare more accessible.

The New Mexico Department of Health (DOH) announces the launch of a unified hotline, the “NM DOH Helpline,” aimed at consolidating the various DOH hotlines into a single point of contact for the public. The helpline will provide essential information and assistance on a wide range of health-related inquiries. 

The DOH Helpline, accessible at (1-833-SWNURSE) 1-833-796-8773, will be staffed by dedicated nurses who are available to address questions and concerns from the public. The helpline merges multiple hotlines including those for COVID, reproductive health, epidemiology, and more into a streamlined and accessible resource.   

Key services offered by the DOH Helpline include: 

COVID Assistance: 

  • Telehealth Paxlovid prescriptions for uninsured/underinsured persons. 
  • Guidance in isolation/exposure protocols. 

Vaccine Scheduling: 

  • Assistance in scheduling all types of vaccinations (e.g. COVID, RSV, flu, pneumonia, shingles, etc.). 

Healthcare Provider Assistance: 

  • Guidance in finding providers for primary care, mental healthcare, specialists, routine screenings, and resources for substance use disorders. 
  • Information on low-cost options. 

Epidemiology Concerns: 

  • Healthcare provider reporting of notifiable conditions. 
  • Infectious disease concerns.  
  • Concerns over foodborne illness. 
  • Animal bite guidance. 

Reproductive Health Services: 

  • Assistance in finding abortion care. 
  • Locating contraceptives, including emergency contraceptives, with free or reduced-cost options. 
  • Help finding sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment, with free or reduced-cost options. 

The DOH Helpline will be supported by a social media component, ensuring that the information is widely disseminated and easily accessible to the public. The helpline is open Monday – Friday 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. MST and weekends from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

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