It’s Time To Renew Medicaid & SNAP

Do you or a family member currently have health coverage through Medicaid or receive SNAP benefits? If so, you may soon need to take steps to find out if your coverage will continue unchanged. Starting in April, New Mexico is resuming Medicaid and SNAP eligibility reviews, which means some people with Medicaid or SNAP could be disenrolled from those programs. If you are no longer eligible for Medicaid, you may still have low or no-cost health coverage options through New Mexico’s healthcare insurance Marketplace,

Steps to Renew Medicaid and SNAP

Update Your Contact Information

Go to to update your contact information in the chat or call 1-800-283-4465. Make sure your mailing address, phone number, email, or other contact information are current. This way, the renewal information will come to the right address.  

Watch for Your Turquoise Envelope

NM Human Services Department (NM HSD) will send you a renewal notice in a turquoise envelope with instructions on how to renew.

Complete Your Renewal Application

When notified, sign in at and click Renew My Benefits to complete your renewal application right away. The fastest way to get your renewal processed is online.

What if you don’t qualify for Medicaid or SNAP anymore?

If you are no longer eligible for Medicaid, you can request a review of your application, but you must do this in a timely manner. Be sure to open all your correspondence and if you need help with any paperwork, please don’t hesitate to reach out to ILRC staff for help. If you are ultimately ineligible for Centennial Care Medicaid, you may still have low or no-cost health coverage options available through the Marketplace. Learn more at

Get more information

  • Contact NM HSD for more information about Medicaid or SNAP renewal. NM HSD can be reached at 1-800-283-4465 or 
  • Call New Mexico’s Marketplace at 1-833-862-3935 or visit to make an appointment and get details about Marketplace coverage.

For additional questions and assistance, contact any staff at your local Independent Living Resource Center office. See below for phone numbers.

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