Promoting independence and equality with the right people

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The Independent Living Resource Center is a Peer-to-Peer, Consumer Controlled organization. We believe that people with disabilities are their own best advocates and we are passionate about disability rights. At least 51% of our staff are people with disabilities who have experienced the discrimination, prejudice and physical/social barriers you may be experiencing right now. We draw on our own personal and professional experience in overcoming these barriers to support you in achieving your goals for independence.

We Are The Independent Living Resource Center

Executive Team

Gil Yildiz, Executive Director
Michael Murphy, Chief Operating Officer
Kate Unna, Senior Program Officer
Angela Ekofo, PhD, CPA

Administrative Staff

Viola Lujan, Operations Manager
Mary Armijo, Administrative Assistant
Tina Baldonado, Reimbursement Specialist
Ashley Burkhard, Reimbursement Specialist
Carolyn Griego, Reimbursement Specialist
Frances Hayes, Reimbursement Specialist
Dee Jure, Reimbursement Specialist
GuruAmrit Smith, Special Projects Coordinator  & Lead Community Health Worker

Independent Living Program Staff

Main Office
Nakeisha Campbell, Independent Living Specialist
Maisie Creelman, Independent Living Specialist
Sue Haugen, Independent Living Specialist
Ricardo Ortega, Independent Living Specialist
Amanda Sofio, Independent Living Specialist
Denise Mathes, Independent Living Contracts Specialist
Albert Deimer, Access Design Specialist

Socorro Office
TJ Chester, Independent Living Specialist
Sandra Sandoval, Independent Living Specialist
Caitlin Moore, Community Health Worker
Katie Romero, Community Health Worker

East Mountains – Moriarty – Melody Ranch Plaza Office
Peter Clahr, Independent Living Specialist
Ramona Floyd, Independent Living Specialist

Alamogordo Office
Barbara Baker, Independent Living Specialist

Attendant Services Program Staff

Main Office
Michele Armijo, Reimbursement & Compliance Manager
Andrea Baker, Attendant Services Program Specialist
Jayme Morillo, Attendant Services Program Specialist
Rosa Mirabal, Attendant Services Program Specialist
Alma Yanez, Attendant Services Program Specialist

East Area – Moriarty – Melody Ranch Plaza Office
Tina Carrillo, Attendant Services Program Specialist

Alamogordo Office
Tara Buffington, Attendant Services Program Specialist
Sashiel Pina, Attendant Services Program Specialist
Alexandra Beaver, Attendant Service Program Administrator

The Independent Living Resource Center does not discriminate with regard to disability, race, color, national origin, ancestry, culture, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, family status, or gender identification in its services or hiring practices.

Talk to Us

Should you have further questions about our agency and services, do not hesitate to contact us.