Helping residents bring back their independence in the community

Assisting consumers to return to their home communities.

ILRC works with nursing home residents who want to move back into the community, providing support and assistance in obtaining housing, services, and equipment that will enable them to make successful transitions.

ILRC supports consumers’ community reintegration by:

  • Locating consumers who desire to move into the community.
  • Advocating for consumer choice regarding where to live and receive support services.
  • Assisting consumers in defeating barriers to transition.
  • Empowering consumers to plan and direct their transition services.
  • Identifying, with the consumer, the necessary infrastructure and supports.
  • Educating consumers regarding community based services.

The Independent Living Resource Center does not discriminate with regard to disability, race, color, national origin, ancestry, culture, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identification in its services or hiring practices.

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